What to Expect when Staging your Empty Kitchener-Waterloo Home


We wrote a blog post about what is involved in staging vacant homes seven years ago and since then we have staged hundreds of empty or what many call ‘naked’ homes, helping many clients have successful and positive real estate experiences. As staging vacant homes is our area of expertise, we wanted to explain the process and what clients can expect.


We get calls every day about vacant properties. Typically people just want a quote – over the phone – to stage their home. As every home is unique, giving firm quotes is problematic until we have seen the property. We tailor the furnishings to the property and for the prospective buyers, so what may work in a $300,000 home won’t be sufficient for a $900,000 property.  Unless you contact a stager who uses cardboard furniture (yes that’s a real thing – and no, we don’t recommend it) there isn’t a cookie cutter price. What we can, and often do, is provide a range so that the home owner knows what to budget for.

Once we have given the potential client an estimate or range, if they decide they would like a firm quote, we are happy to schedule a vacant property assessment for a fee. Yes – there is a fee for us to come see your empty home. If the staging quote is approved, a credit is applied to the project fees, but charging for this service covers our time:

  • Visiting the property to take measurements, photos and do space planning
  • Visiting our warehouse to put together a complete design plan which includes tagging all of the furnishings for the project
  • Writing up the proposal, firming up delivery dates and scheduling the staging to meet the client’s timeline

There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into a simple quote because at the end of the day, we are committed to providing the best quality staging designs for our clients.

Now let’s be honest. We often get feedback from prospective clients after they get the quote like .. “Wow .. that’s expensive!” or “I thought it would be a few hundred dollars at most!” Really? Well let’s go through what you are getting for the investment into having your empty home staged:

  1. A staging expert who will customize a design plan specifically for your property to enhance and showcase its features, finishes and functionality.  A design plan that will maximize the presentation and marketability of the property so that it gets your target buyers in the door and once they are there, it sells them on everything the property has to offer.
  2. All the furniture, art, florals and décor required (no we don’t just rent a sofa or table set – we create the complete space that will sell buyers on the lifestyle the home offers)
  3. The manpower to pack, set up furniture, hang artwork, style surfaces & shelves, make beds & steam linens .. all within a very compressed amount of time.
  4. A fee for both the delivery and pick up of the furnishings – it’s like moving a household of furniture twice in a very short amount of time!
  5. Follow up, photography, marketing & more! Typically after the staging is complete we create custom marketing posts about the property, link to the listing and share it consistently across social media platforms until it is sold. It doesn’t just end after the house is staged!

So expecting to invest a few hundred dollars in this process is unrealistic if you want to work with a reputable  and experienced staging company like ours. In order to maximize the presentation of the home most home owners can and should expect to invest between $2,500 – $6,000 on staging depending on the area and the caliber of the home.

Home owners naturally want to shop around for the ‘best’ price and its important to do your research. That being said, sellers should also be comparing the quality of staging so that they can be confident they are investing in effective property styling that will add value to their home – not detract from it. Shopping for the lowest price often results in poor quality staging that provides no value to the home – and may even detract from the property’s presentation. We also tell potential clients to always be leery of ‘free’ staging either from realtors doing the staging themselves or amateur stagers who don’t have the experience or talent to do a good job. As we always say, good staging isn’t cheap and cheap staging isn’t good so do your research and pick the best company that will do the best job. Your home is your single biggest investment so scrimping on the staging to save a few bucks can really affect the impact it has with buyers and the price point the home sells at.

Once the quote has been accepted, our team can usually stage within 4 – 7 business days. It’s never possible to stage within 24 – 48 hours simply because there are many steps that have to be taken to ensure a successful installation.


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So why stage? Simply put, an empty home fails on many levels to attract interest and offers because your buyers are inherently visual and according to current stats, over 80% of them will be able to better visualize themselves living in the house if it has been professionally staged. If your agent isn’t recommending staging, consider that they don’t have the same investment home owners do. For them a price reduction means a small commission loss whereas a seller can lose tens of thousands of dollars in equity if price reduction(s) are done. This is why staging is an essential step and vital marketing tool for home owners. Staging isn’t decorating – it’s marketing pure simple and as with anything, the most attractive package will get the most interest and offers.
Here are a few stats:
  • Over 95% of buyers shop online first and pictures of empty or naked rooms often prove confusing and forgettable to them
  • 81% of buyers cite that it is easier to picture themselves living in a home when it has been professionally staged
  • Professional staging adds between 10 – 20% to the value of the property
  • Staged homes consistently sell up to 89% faster than their un-staged competition which translates into significantly less time on the market and minimal carrying costs
  • Investing in staging an empty home is significantly less than a price reduction once the home is on the market which is why it’s such a vital marketing advantage for home owners
Beyond pricing a home right, presentation is the deciding factor for the majority of buyers on what home they will purchase. It’s what sparks buyer interest online and gets them in to preview the home. While people may shop with a list of expectations or ‘must-haves’, expertly done staging will have them making concessions on everything including the price they are willing to pay for a home that models the lifestyle they aspire to have.
Would you like to see some examples of our latest succes stories? Visit us online to read more about some of our more recent stagings that got anywhere from 5 – 27 offers!
If you are considering selling your home in the Waterloo region and it’s empty, contact our award winning team to help you maximize it’s overall presentation and marketability. From expert planning to creating stunning spaces buyers remember, we make your home the property buyers want to see.




 Rooms in Bloom Home Staging & Design Inc. is the Waterloo Region’s Premier Home Staging Company. Selected as one of the Top 5 Home Staging companies in North America, we specialize in staging vacant properties and builder model homes.  For more information on ourhome staging services, visit their website and call us at (519) 804-STAGE.



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