Realtors: Talking to Your Clients About Home Staging

Our last post was about home staging from the point of view of the seller. We know that while sellers might have a glamorized idea of what home staging is, they don’t really understand how it works. An experienced and professional stager will be able to effectively communicate why changes are essential and motivate home owners to make those changes. Not every staging professional has these skills so choose your stylist carefully. Remember, it’s not just about price – its about the results the stager achieves.

Now its all about realtors. Currently, we know that while the staging industry is growing, real estate professionals are not always keen to partner with a stager. Many opt to do their own staging or choose to focus only on price with the claim that price alone will sell the property. While we agree price is key, buyers will only pay top dollar for modern and updated properties. Relying only on price sets the course for price reductions and disappointment. For more information on this and other mistakes realtors make in regards to home staging, read our blog post on this topic.

One of the key elements we do find that dissuade realtors from incorporating home staging into their listing presentations is they don’t know how to talk about it effectively with their clients. From not understanding the process to not knowing its benefits or costs, they are at a loss to explain why it’s important. Most know that staging – or a great presentation – has tangible positive effects but they don’t know how to sell that. So here is how we educate our realtors to discuss it:

Be Informed: From knowing current staging statistics to understanding exactly what the process entails is important. Many agents don’t get that staging is another level of marketing for their properties and is as essential as pricing the house right. Find out what a staging consultation gives your clients, know the ballpark investment for both occupied and empty properties and then research the statistics that make staging so worthwhile. The more you know, the more confident you will be and the better your listings will look. Being well informed will also bolster your partnership with your stager and motivate your clients to make changes – it’s a win-win situation!


Knowing more about the home staging process gives you the confidence to discuss it with clients.

Mansion St Kit 1

Consistently including home staging in your listing services gives you properties like this to market & sell!

Be Consistent: By opting only to use staging with extremely dated or derelict properties, you risk sending the message to your clients that their home is exceptionally ugly or unappealing. This is insulting and unnecessary. Realtors are also overlooking & undervaluing the impact that staging has for ALL properties – not just the dated ones. By making home staging a part of your process for all listings, you communicate to your clients that the appearance and condition of their home has a direct correlation on how fast it sells and for what price point. Home owners who understand this will be much more motivated to make changes and they won’t feel singled out or insulted. When the question of staging comes up – and it will – all you have to say is that part of your successful selling strategy is to have your home stager come in to assist your clients. It’s that simple. Your clients will know they are in good hands and that they will have help with the difficult process of getting their home ready for sale.

Be Confident: Staging isn’t decorating – it’s about giving you as the realtor an exceptionally packaged product that you can market and sell. With consistency, you will see the results that professional staging can achieve for your properties which will mean when you do discuss it with potential clients, you will be confident about both the process and the results. Additionally, part of being confident about staging is finding & working with the right professional. Do your research, interview a few stagers and try them out. See which one achieves the best results and works well with you and your team. It’s not just about price – it’s about professionalism, talent and resources. Not every stager is created equal.

Rooms in Bloom Home Staging & Design Inc. is the Waterloo Region’s Premier Home Staging Provider. With a strong focus on improving the presentation and marketability of properties, our multi-award winning team is well known for creating stunning spaces buyers fall in love with. Contact us today at (519) 804-STAGE and put our expertise to work for you!

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One response to “Realtors: Talking to Your Clients About Home Staging

  1. Thanks for this post. This is just the challenge that I currently have as a stager. Realtors in principal want to use me and I can see a clear benefit for them and their clients but I’m hitting a bit of a red light. This has made me realise I need to dig for the reasons a bit more. I already offer Realtors a summary of what happens in the consultation to give to sellers but the idea of a script is great too! We are trusting the Realtors to be our ambassadors so we need to provide them with what they need. Thanks, Imogen


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