Home Staging Party Gets Results!!

A few weeks ago, I did a consultation for an older couple who wanted to list their home fast but were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work it would take to get their home into prime selling condition. I spent over two hours making suggestions and recommendations but it came down to defining room functions and editing out a lot of the furniture and pictures in every room.

When I spoke to the realtor, she was hopeful that they would implement my recommendations because she was concerned that because of the area the house was in and the condition of the house that the couple wouldn’t sell fast and they wouldn’t get the price they wanted for their home. When I followed up with her a few days later she said that the home owners were concerned about the recommendations and were hesitant to follow them because it was completely contrary to how they were living. Hmmm .. this is starting to sound familiar because many of our sellers express doubt and confusion when we make recommendations because they are so used to living a certain way – its hard to make the mental switch and realize that the manner in which you live in a home is completely different from how you sell it.

We learned as well from the realtor that the older couple didn’t have the physical resources to do all that was entailed in the report. Did they let that stand in their way? No! This enterprising couple decided to hold what we think is the first ever, home staging party complete with potluck dinner! We were floored when we learned about it and we thought it was a fantastic idea!

"Home Staging Celebration!"

So, a group of their friends came over on a Friday night and brought a dish for dinner. After eating and drinking some wine, they were assigned a room and took a page from our consult report so they could implement the changes. There were men on hand to move some of the heavy furniture and they had a great time making the house ‘show-worthy’.

The results? After only two days on the market, the sellers got multiple offers and sold for significantly over their asking price. This just shows that a little ingenuity and a willingness to be open to change can foster a fantastic selling experience.

We also think that this is a great testimonial to getting a professional home stager in to do a consultation for your home prior to listing it. Even if the sellers want to do all the work themselves, a pro stager will offer lots of inexpensive and creative suggestions which will maximize the impact of every room on buyers. Investing in a home staging consultation gives sellers the focus and assistance they need to make their home show like a model.

Thinking of selling your home? Rooms in Bloom Home Staging & Design offers assistance with everything from consultations to complete staging designs based upon your needs and budget.


2 responses to “Home Staging Party Gets Results!!

  1. This is a wonderful idea! Would you mind if I re-blogged this, of course giving you full credit?? I would love to share this idea with some of my realtors! Thanks for the great post!


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