Why a Realtor should Partner with a Kitchener-Waterloo Home Stager

Ever since we started our business, we have been very blessed in working with knowledgeable and really savvy realtors. From the start, these realtors weren’t asking why they should use our services for their listings – they were telling US why! I find that incredibly refreshing after encountering other realtors who just can’t see the merit in home staging.

A lot of the realtors who don’t see the merit, are also unable to see past the expense of hiring a home stager to do consultations for their clients. We offer special realtor rates to agents who use our services on a regular basis – as many other home staging companies do. This makes it affordable to include a home staging consultation in with the other services realtors offer and it sets them apart – especially where we live because home staging is not as prevalent yet.

When we chat about the benefits of offering home staging consults as part of a realtor’s services, we generally give the following reasons why it’s so important:

  • Offering a home staging consult tells the client right away how committed the agent is to ensuring that the house sells fast and for top dollar
  • Emphasizes to the client the importance of the home’s appearance and creates an understanding that there is definitely a strong connection between the listing price and the readiness of the house prior to putting it on the market
  • Allows the realtor to maintain strong client relations as a third party critique distances the agent from the recommendations being made but also ensures that the items which need to be done, will be done so that the realtor can sell the house quickly and for as close to the asking price as possible.
  • Helps in all the marketing a realtor has to do in order to get the home sold – the property will look good both online and in person so the house, statistically speaking, will have fewer DOM
  • Will impress clients – especially the ones who are increasingly cognizant of how vital appearance is. We work with home owners all the time who are HGTV savvy and who are willing to put some money into their homes in order to get them sold. This is not a trend which is not going to disappear anytime soon – it is the real estate service in the U.S and is gaining increasing popularity in Canada.

Establishing a partnership with a great staging company as well will give realtors referral clients because we do a lot of work with clients who are getting ready to list and who haven’t yet contacted an agent. We refer these clients to agents we have a great relationship with and it has worked out profitably for them when they get a listing that’s already ready and the clients are eager to work with them because they have worked with us!

We are aware that not every listing requires full staging. Some listings just need a stager to go through and give them a PLAN to follow so that the home owners know what to do to make the home look great! When more than a consult is required and real work needs to be done on a listing then choosing a home staging company which has great professional trade resources is a vital.

Working with a professional home stager that can make your listings shine will make YOU a real estate ROCK STAR for your clients!
Working with a professional home stager that can make your listings shine will make YOU a real estate ROCK STAR for your clients!


Although there are many people who call themselves home stagers, it’s important for agents and sellers to do their homework so they can choose the right professional to work with. Rooms in Bloom Home Staging & Design Inc. has been awarded the title of top Home Staging Company in Canada two years in a row, our work is regularly featured in magazines and the homes we stage typically get offers in the first 10 days on the market.

2012 Home Staging Company of the Year

Partnerships are vital in any profession however in real estate, when people’s lives are put on hold while they are selling their homes, everyone involved in that field needs to support and work with each other to help ease the stress. We always maintain that home staging is a powerful tool which should be utilized so that everyone benefits: the sellers, the buyers, the realtors and the home stagers!


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