Luxury Home SOLD in Five Days!

My partner Alana and I were hired by the home owner of a truly stunning home to do a complete make-over and staging of his impressive home. The property had been on the market since early January 2010 and was listed in ‘as is’ condition. The house didn’t sell. As we often tell our clients, the higher the listing price, the higher buyer expectations are. In this case, the home had spectacular curb appeal but the online pictures weren’t doing the property justice and when buyers visited, they were overwhelmed by the personal decor choices which they would have to spend both time and money changing.

We oversaw getting the wood floors re-finished on the main floor (pet stains in the original light wood floors) so that they ended up being a wonderful dark walnut. I painted the master bedroom, ensuite and main bathroom as all three of these rooms had a wallpaper/faux finish on them which was both dating these spaces and making the rooms feel darker than what they actually were. The paint colour we chose was a Sherwin Williams “Diverse Beige” and as you can tell from the pictures, they really lightened up the rooms! We brought in a painter/handyman and he painted out the faux finish in the family room and dinette area and then did a great job freshening up trim, fixing small broken items and changing out hardware in the kitchen. After staging, this home truly felt like a luxury home and the outside is just as impressive as the inside!

The fun part was this make-over, including staging, had to be done in five days so the house could be re-listed. Well, we did it! Below are some of the pictures however we invite you to our Facebook Fan Page where there is a link to the virtual tour for this stunning luxury home.

Dining Room/Living Room ‘Before’

Living Room/Dining Room ‘After’

Living Room ‘Before’

Living Room ‘After’

Family Room ‘Before’

Family Room ‘Before’

Family Room ‘After’

Master Bedroom ‘Before’

Master Bedroom ‘Before’

Master Bedroom ‘After’

Our client is thrilled and now with the house being re-listed, we just want it to SELL! Send lots of good thoughts this way so our client can move on and another family can enjoy this jewel of a home!

UPDATE: One week after staging and mere days after being re-listed, this home already has an offer! We’ll say it again .. staging works!


2 responses to “Luxury Home SOLD in Five Days!

  1. Brilliant work done by both ladies.

    My hat goes off to you for your creativity, design and layout.

    I hope you win !!!!

    Gloria Douglas


    • Thank you! We hope you’ll take the time to visit Design Trade’s Fan Page on Facebook, *like* the page and then click on the photo tab. Under the photos you will see the icon for the contest with 50 photos – if you click on that, you can then go through the designs and vote for your favourite!


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