Reflections at Laurelwood: Waterloo Model Condo Designed to Sell

In June, Rooms in Bloom Home Staging & Design was contacted by UrbanEra Homes about a new condo project they were planning to launch in September 2010 in Waterloo,ON. We had worked with this builder/developer last year, decorating their two model homes for the Village Park on Harvest Lane project in Delhi, ON. This time however, we were not simply asked to decorate the model condo, we were asked to make all the design choices from paint colour, flooring, cabinetry, countertops, backsplash, light fixtures and hardware for the model. In addition, we were asked to select all the base and upgrade selections for the buyers purchasing these condos – something we had never done before but which we had a blast doing. We were thrilled at the opportunity to work with this builder again and excited about the design opportunity we were being offered with this model condo.

For our design concept for the model, we chose to go with a very urban feel for the space. In keeping with the ‘Reflections’ name, we chose many of our accents with mirrored or reflective surfaces. We opted to go with a sleek sofa with a chaise lounge in a creamy linen fabric in the main living space as well as a glass-topped table set to balance out the dark cabinetry we chose for the kitchen. Our accent colour was a sea foam and we used it in specific accents from the pillows on the couch to the subway tiles in the kitchen backsplash. For our master bedroom we chose to paint out the focal wall in a colour called ‘Drizzle’ and to echo that colour in throw layered over the end of the bed and in the accents throughout the room and in the artwork centered over the bed. The platform bed we chose has a fantastic ‘braided’ texture and the dark wood offered a fantastic contrast against the beautiful focal wall. In the second bedroom, we chose to a silver/amethyst colour scheme which we carried from the sumptuous bedding to the custom drapery panels framing out the window. From start to finish, every item we chose for this model worked together to create the stunning space which almost moved us to tears.

In addition, we were also asked to pick paint colours, countertops and flooring for the sales center. This is something we took very seriously as this is a potential buyer’s first impression of the project. The builder also asked if we would lend our expertise in the design center which we were happy to do. From selecting the cabinetry and countertops to picking the gorgeous glass/ceramic tile for the focal wall we chose everything very carefully. The builder also wanted us to create three custom design boards so that buyers who were overwhelmed by the selection process could simply pick one of these boards and all the selections on them would work together, creating a cohesive feel for their condo. These boards included flooring, countertops, cabinetry, hardware and paint colours for every room in the condo and were divided into ‘Classic’, ‘Contemporary’ and ‘Urban‘ design styles. We have to say that the design center concept which the builder had created was absolutely stunning and we are very happy to have helped them bring their vision to life.

Our keywords for this project were: sleek, sexy and hot. In our spirited meetings with the builder’s team we had a lot of fun putting together a design concept which would WOW consumers. The project, named Reflections at Laurelwood, has set some incredible sales records with the high number of condos which have already sold since the grand opening in September. We hope you will not only take the time to look at some of the professional pictures, but also to come and visit the model and see the sales center and design center to get a great sense of what this condo project is all about. The sales center is located in Waterloo, on Laurelwood Drive in the Laurelwood Commons shopping plaza.

Living Room


Dining Area & Living Room

Master Bedroom

Second Bedroom

Sales Center

Sales Center View 2

Design Center

We are also happy to announce that the model and sales center has been featured in the new Homes section in the Kitchener-Waterloo Record. We plan on saving this part of the paper and adding it to Rooms in Bloom’s every growing portfolio book!!


9 responses to “Reflections at Laurelwood: Waterloo Model Condo Designed to Sell

  1. wow–i would absolutely love to make design choices on my new home knowing that Rooms in Bloom had chosen those choices!
    beautiful, beautiful photos. (and where is the beautiful sofa with chaise from?)


    • Thanks Jenny! As an added bonus the builder is hiring us to work with every buyer in selecting their choices so we can help them put together cohesive designs which work! Mmmmm that beautiful sofa w/ chaise came from Snugglers (and was so worth the money)!


    • Everyone has their own needs and design tastes when it comes to creating spaces in their homes. Classic or traditional kitchens appeal to many – as do the contemporary or modern spaces. What’s really important is *knowing* what you like – which you obviously do!


  2. Man, talk about a fantastic post! I?ve stumbled across your blog a few times within the past, but I usually forgot to bookmark it. But not again! Thanks for posting the way you do, I genuinely appreciate seeing someone who actually has a viewpoint and isn?t really just bringing back up crap like nearly all other writers today. Keep it up!


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