Why Yes, We Use Life Sized Metal Statues in Our Designs … Don’t You?

This morning when I logged into my business email, I saw an email from someone advertising a product. I’m sure you get these types of emails too – vendors or people who make certain items which they feel can be used in the staging and design work we do. Sometimes I’m interested, most times I am not. Today I was absolutely floored.

The email header read “Life-Sized Recycled Metal Statues for Interior/Exterior Design.” Naturally I had to read this email but I was already starting to laugh, trying to envision using a statue like that for staging.

So here is what the vendor did to try to capture my interest:

“Dear Sir\Madame.
My name is Nachum Rosenshine and I would like to offer you and your clients an exclusive and very interesting product for interior\exterior design.
These huge metal statues are made from recycled metal parts and are being sold all over the world by private orders.
Please take the time to view the link below which presents more than 20 already sold designs:


Feel free to contact me for questions and price offers for your own design.
We can make just about anything you can imagine…

My regards!

Nachum R.”

Here are their proposed designs:

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m imagining one these out in my clien’s gardens or on their front lawns. Unless they have a luxury home I don’t see how we could work one of these statues into the design. Unless of course if we take out all the other furniture – which is doable right? Who needs a couch and chair? Or a bed? These statues are much more appropriate.

Now they also offer to make statues of my own design. Hmmmm … now there is a great idea. I’m just not sure what I would pick for my inspiration. I would love to hear your ideas however … what would you like to have a life sized metal statue of?

Hope you enjoyed this .. I laughed so hard after reading this email I had tears streaming down my face and I just couldn’t catch my breath. So, I just had to share!



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