10 WOW Moments from Being a Home Stager

Well, Debra Gould inspired me to write this short blog article on the top ten moments which came from my job as a home stager. You can link to her blog post and read her top 10 list which is really entertaining and inspiring as well!

I should also mention that both Alana and myself get VERY involved and passionate about each job we do. At some point in every job we are grinning at each other like crazy people, loving that we are getting paid to make these transformations.

So here we go in no specific order:

  • Getting a call from a Toronto production company who is interested in having us set the stage for their next commercial on the same day we get called by a major developer who wants us to stage all of his model homes
  • Finishing up the first model home project we ever did and walking around the house being moved to tears by how beautiful it was – and feeling amazing because WE created these spaces
  • Working with a local realtor who works with us with every listing she has and who is one of our strongest staging advocates – we truly treasure the friendship we have with her!
  • Sitting with a client having a drink after staging her home and listening to her simply gush about how gorgeous everything is and how she can’t WAIT to show it off! Learning afterward from the realtor that she decided to STAY!
  • Learning the very first house we staged sold the first day for its full list price!
  • Getting an award for our staging & design work from the builder we work with – talk about amazing recognition!
  • Blogging about staging topics and not only getting feedback but also making great staging connections with other professionals in our field.
  • Introducing ourselves to realtors and clients and having them not only recognize our names but also make reference to staging jobs we did which they saw – and loved!
  • Watching the expression on a client’s face when the recommendations we are making suddenly make sense – and that the client is now able to ‘see’ what the space will look like completed.
  • Being able to share all the ups and downs of running a staging business with one of my very best friends – we are so very blessed to have each other!

Those are only ten of so many ‘wow-worthy’ moments. What are yours? I hope you’ll share!

For Alana and I, we are going into the fourth year of running our business and every day we get excited about who we’re going to meet and who is going to call. This isn’t just a business to us – staging & design is a passion of ours which we feel extremely lucky to be able to pursue as a career.


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