Top 10 Home Improvement Projects

2012 Real Estate Return on Investment Chart

2012 Home Gain Statistics

2012 statistics courtesy of

HomeGain surveyed nearly 1,000 real estate agents in each of the U.S. and Canada regions. All agents might not necessarily agree on the same pre-sale strategy. See ”% of agents recommending“column above. Differences of opinions may vary based on the climate of the market, region of the country or condition of the home in question. The percentage of agents that agree on the positive impact of a particular pre-sale activity is summarized here. 

Preparing Your Home For Sale

Sounds simple, in fact it used to be simple. Find a realtor, sign the papers and put a sign in the yard. Nowadays however, the simple decision to sell brings with it much stress because buyer’s expectations have risen so dramatically.

How and where do you start? First steps should always be to consult with a professional home stager who can assess your property and give you a list of recommendations to work on, room by room. A consultation will run anywhere from $150 to $500 depending on your area and the expertise of the stager however it’s money well spent. If you intend to do all the changes yourself, it gives you a plan which you can follow so you can manage your time effectively. If you want to do some of the recommendations and leave the actual staging to the professionals, then the stager will quote you based upon how much work you want to handle yourself.

Working with a professional ensures you have a customized PLAN for your home.

Working with a professional ensures you have a customized PLAN for your home.

Once the staging is complete, your realtor will assess your home and determine its market value. Price, appearance/condition of your home as well as its location will be the important factors for any buyer. Doing everything you can to ensure the appearance and condition of your home is exemplary will help establish an excellent price for your home. You can’t change your home’s location so the first two parts of this equation are critical. Buyers will not dismiss an appealing home at a great price even if it’s not in their target neighbourhood. In fact, by ensuring your home’s appearance is exceptional, you will attract many buyers who otherwise might never have considered it.


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