Interior Design Show 2011

If you are a true design-a-holic like my partner Alana and I are, you are going to want to attend the annual Interior Design Show at the Toronto Metro Convention Center this weekend!

We went today – it was Trades Day – and it was a mind boggling array of what is new and hot in interior design. Jenn Air Appliances were a major sponsor and their booth was literally, dreamy-worthy for those wanting to update their kitchens. Looking at other kitchen suppliers it was obvious that the trending was towards the sleek, contemporary cabinetry with steel pulls and handles. Everything is very streamlined and it makes my very modern soul go all gooey inside, just admiring everything.

I attended the ‘How to get your designs published in magazines’ seminar and found Style at Home’s Editor-in-chief Erin Mclaughlin’s seminar informative and interesting. For those designers wanting to get their work featured in magazines, she had a lot of helpful tips. The hard part for professional home stagers however is that magazines need a few months lead time if they find your pictures ‘show-worthy’ and staging doesn’t normally stay in place that long. In fact, most of our staging is only up for a month – tops – as the homes we stage sell very quickly.

A few of our highlights:

  • Gorgeous wallpaper in contemporary patterns which would look absolutely awesome on a focal wall – I’m not normally a wallpaper advocate but these were fabulous
  • The most amazing outdoor furniture display – trust me its all about outdoor spaces this year!
  • Flexible granite and wood panels which can instantly transform a wall into an architectural feature without a huge price tag

We met some great people while we were out and about at the show. As many of you know, we took Debra Gould’s Staging Diva course and we had the opportunity not only to meet her but to sit down and talk with her for half an hour. It was a pure pleasure to get to know her better! Pictures coming soon!

As we went for lunch, I spotted Glen Paloso coming out of the building and had to follow him – with food – down the street to see if he was going to stop so we could meet him. Not only did he stop but he was extremely gracious about us accosting him and we admitted we were huge fans. If you don’t know Glen and you love design, you should really check him out on his Facebook Fan Page. He has been on Restaurant Makeover, Take this House and Sell It and other shows as a guest designer.

Then, just as we had finished up our lunch we spotted Tommy Smythe and Sarah Richardson heading past us, up the escalator. I grabbed my camera and jogged after them, feeling a wee bit foolish and stalkerish but hey, it’s a great opportunity and I wasn’t going to miss it. Sarah smiled, greeted me and swept through a door but Tommy stopped and graciously posed with me for a picture. Thank you Tommy!

All in all, a fabulous day! The inspiration we got from seeing so many gorgeous products and designs has really sent our minds spinning with ideas. We can’t wait to use them with our design and staging clients!


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