Colin and Justin: 10 ways to get more bang for your buck –

Fantastic article by Colin and Justin – definitely worth a read. I could practically ‘hear’ them speaking with the way things were phrased in the article. Many of these items are things which we have touched on in our blog articles but its always great with the TV Pros agree with us! Thank you Colin and Justin!

Colin and Justin: 10 ways to get more bang for your buck –

The really great thing is that throughout this article they keep describing what we are now calling ‘lifestyle staging’. I heard this coined by Matthew Finlason (of HGTV The Stagers) at our RESA convention in Las Vegas. The field of home staging is evolving and its not all about blah beiges and creating boring rooms which buyers won’t be impressed by. Lifestyle staging is about researching the area, getting a sense of who the REAL potential buyers are going to be, creating a profile for them and then staging the property to appeal to them. We feel this is essential to add that important WOW factor to any staging project. Without injecting some personality and flair, the whole design falls flat and risks coming across as sterile and boring.

Not all stagers are able to lifestyle stage a property. This brings a whole different skill set to the table. We incorporate these techniques in every staging project we do – which is evident from our portfolio.

We hope you’ll read the article and give us your feedback on everything that is Colin and Justin recommend!


2 responses to “Colin and Justin: 10 ways to get more bang for your buck –

  1. This article definitely resonated with us. We have been staging homes in the Greater Portland, Maine area since 2004 and almost never had to suggest painting to our clients. Today’s market tells a different story and with it are different recommendations. Painting and replacing old, worn, and stained carpeting are our number one and two suggestions! Painting is powerful……but only if done right. In other words, unless you really know how to patch, repair, caulk and paint within the lines, leave it to the professionals. A bad diy job is actually worse than not doing it at all since you’ve invested precious time and money into the project. There is no ROI on a job done poorly!


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