Getting Top Dollar for Your Home with Home Staging

Regardless of whether you call it home staging or home fluffing; the goal is the same – to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar. There is an abundance of articles and information which will tell you how to go about staging your home. These articles however, while they tell you the basics of what to do to get your home ready for sale, they don’t say how to do it. Told to de-clutter and neutralize, sellers often scratch their heads and wonder what should get packed away, how much is too much and what are neutral colors to decorate with which hold modern appeal? It’s very confusing and if sellers don’t get it right or they don’t do what they need to do, they are missing out on appealing to the most buyers possible and selling their property for what it’s worth.

While that basic premise does involve cleaning, painting, repairing, or editing furnishings; its really about a change in perspective. You must stop seeing your house as your home and instead see it as a product which needs to be merchandised effectively to be sold at the highest price possible. To do this successfully, you must put aside your ego and view the home selling process without emotion. This is probably the toughest thing a seller has to do because to them, the house represents home and it is very difficult to be objective about what needs to be done to get the best possible return on the sale of the family home.

Objectively deciding how to best present your home is tough.

Objectively deciding how to best present your home is tough.

So what does this mean? First off, it means you realize you aren’t selling your home you’re selling someone else’s dream. But it doesn’t stop there; once you understand that your home is a commodity and you’re marketing a dream, that is when the real shift has to take place and your ego needs to move aside.

The way you decorate and live in your home is probably not the best way to market your home. Ouch! Even if it has been professionally decorated (especially then). Even if you clean until the whole house sparkles and you declutter and depersonalize, it’s likely that your personality and the way you relate to the rooms in your home will shine through. It is also a safe bet that your home is decorated to suit your individual tastes, not the broad market. Too often this is the point where the homeseller draws the line, mistakenly thinking that buyers will look past pink carpets, acres of wallpaper and personal decor choices! A seller will think “I think this house looks great! I’d buy it, and if I would buy it,  then other people will appreciate it the same way!”

How you live in your home and how you sell it are two entirely different concepts.

How you live in your home and how you sell it are two entirely different concepts.

What a shame! It’s likely, with this mistaken thinking, that the seller – you – just turned your back on cash. The truth is, if your house is priced correctly for the market, somebody will buy it. But in terms of maximizing your selling price, a home’s appearance needs to be memorable and impressive to get the best return on investment. The more people who fall in love with your house, the better the chance you will maximize the equity in your home. However it’s more than just getting the right number of people or the right price. Ask any marketing professional and they will tell you that price and packaging go hand in hand. The better the packaging is at selling the dream, the higher the price a consumer is willing to pay. 

Sell buyers on the lifestyle the home represents,

Sell buyers on the lifestyle the home represents,

That’s where a professional home stager comes into the picture. Home Stagers understand the art and science of marketing homes. Since they have no attachment to the contents or decorating style of your home they can view your home objectively and make the changes that will maximize your sales price. Additionally, they will have the resources and partnerships to take a home from ho-hum to stunning in a very short amount of time. From modern furnishings available for rental to creative and innovative ideas on how to maximize the value and impact of every space in a home, their assistance is invaluable. An experienced and talented professional home stager will add the tangible WOW factor to a property so buyers fall in love with every space and can therefore justify the list price – whatever it happens to be!

Professional home stagers specialize in marketing homes and creating appealing lifestyles. For more information or to get Rooms in Bloom’s award winning expertise with making your home ‘show-worthy’, visit us online today!

A sincere thanks for some article content and inspiration courtesy of Larry Hahn, a Realtor in St. John’s Newfoundland. To read his original article, follow the above link.


4 responses to “Getting Top Dollar for Your Home with Home Staging

  1. This is a great post because it really hits the nail on the head-it doesn’t matter what you call it and, you are selling a lifestyle and a dream. The HOME, must be transformed into a HOUSE and the seller must detach.


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