Is Your Home Competing on Price or Selling People on Value?

So many articles on home staging are about how it helps properties stand out from their competition by neutralizing and broadening the home’s appeal. And it’s all true however what does that really mean? Why is home staging so essential? For realtors and home owners who still view home staging as optional or something they should do only if the house was at a certain price point or in a certain type of condition before they brought in a stager, why should they spend their marketing $$’s or invest money into staging?

I recently read an article which discussed how business entrepreneurs should never compete on price – they should sell their clients on the most tangible thing of all: VALUE. As a Professional Stager, I believe this same equation holds true when homes are listed for sale.

So, what kind of VALUE does Professional Home Staging to a home? Here is a list:

1) In order to sell your home for top dollar, you should expect to invest between 1 – 3% of the home’s value in key updates and professional staging. By doing so, you ensure that selective and savvy buyers not only want to see it but will also statisticually pay you up to 20% MORE for the property once it has been updated and professionally staged. This means a shorter stint on the market and selling your property for what it’s worth – or above. In terms of VALUE, it doesn’t get better than that! As staging experts, we always tell our clients that investing in professional staging is always LESS than an price reduction once the property is listed for sale. So invest first and reap the benefits!

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2) By staging empty homes, Professional Stagers ensure that ALL of the buyers previewing the home can see its full potential. As 90% of people cannot visualize beyond what is in front of them, furnishing key spaces adds tangible appeal and function to any property. By showcasing exactly how a space should be set up, buyers are then able to see how this space would be incorporated into the new lifestyle they are buying into. The VALUE this adds to a property is staggering because FUNCTION & APPEAL sells homes.


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3) Editing out furnishings and emphasizing architectural points  is another way Professional Stagers showcase the value of a property. Home owners find it difficult to objective about all their stuff which they have colleted over time and a Professional Stager will remove those layers, revealing and showcasing the home’s best features. By highlighting what is most important in a home we sell buyers on the house itself and the lifestyle it offers. It’s a fact that clutter eats equity in a home so by removing all non essential furnishings, a Professional Stager adds undeniable VALUE to a property which is reflected in the quality of offers the home receives.



4) Professional staging adds the WOW factor needed to impress design savvy Buyers who compare everything to Model Homes they have seen. Professional Stagers know exactly how to best present each space, taking into account who the target buyers are and setting the stage so that the home portrays the ideal lifestyle needed for it to attract the right buyers. This is an essential – and often overlooked – step for most DIY home owners or realtors who simply believe that de-cluttering to the point of leaving rooms with zero appeal is what home staging is all about. It’s not. Professional staging adds warmth, welcome and modern style through mondern furnishings & decor. . Price may be the reason that buyers preview a property but professional staging is responsible for capturing buyer’s emotions and getting them to make an offer!



Professional staging is an essential marketing tool for savvy realtors, home owners and builders. We have seen buyers become negotiable on their wish lists, the property’s location and consistently go over list price and above budget to purchase a property which meets – and exceeds – all of their functional and design expectations. So, when you are listing your property for sale make sure that one of the tools in your arsenal is that of a Professional Home Stager who will ensure your home is properly prepared and showcased so it doesn’t compete on price – it sells itself on the value it offers to potential buyers!

Rooms in Bloom Home Staging & Design Inc. is the Waterloo Region’s premier home staging provider. Our experienced and award winning stylists have the expertise and talent to make any property memorable. From comprehensive staging consultations to staging vacant properties or builder model homes, we are a full service home staging company. View our extensive portfolio online and contact us today to put our expertise to work for your home!

Kitchener-Waterloo's Premier Home Staging Provider
Kitchener-Waterloo’s Premier Home Staging Provider

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