Home Staging InfoGraphic: A Great Tool to Use When Talking to Your Clients

MyMove has created a fabulous infographic which details both the importance of Home Staging when selling your home as well as its many benefits. This is a great visual tool for Realtors and Home Stagers to use when discussing why it is so important to take control of a property’s condition and appearance when it comes time to sell a home.

Home Staging is a proven method of preparing and showcasing a home for sale so that it sells fast AND so that buyers justify its list price and full value. Consulting with a Staging Professional gives buyers a customized PLAN for their home which they can then implement themselves or get professional staging assistance with. As we often tell our clients – you can’t change your home’s location or the list price (pushing the list price too high – even if its staged – won’t get the home sold). A home owner can take full control of how the home is presented to the public and by doing so, they can make potential buyers negotiable on both location and price if and when they fall in love with the home.

“Price brings in the buyer; Staging sells the home.”

2 thoughts on “Home Staging InfoGraphic: A Great Tool to Use When Talking to Your Clients

  1. Really well done infographic. There is still a lot of education that needs to happen. Both with homeowners and real estate agents. People are willing to part with their money for a house, but it has to present well. Homeowners who don’t heed that warning are saddled with multiple price drops or weeks on end with a “for sale” sign on the front lawn. A clean and decluttered home is good, but that just gets you skin in the game. A staged home ups the ante and makes you the front runner.


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