Creating Dreamy Bedrooms

Bedrooms are no longer just for sleep, especially master bedrooms. We often call them master retreats because they have come to symbolize a space where people can get away from everyday stresses and worries. How do you create such a space? Well, here are a few tips.

Color plays a huge role in affecting the mood and atmosphere in a bedroom space. High energy colours like red, orange and bright yellow aren’t a great fit in a bedroom space which ideally, should be calm and relaxing. Blues, greens, purples and pinks are better choices and are great colors however if they are too saturated – too dark – then the room can end up looking too small and dark. We often recommend choosing a soft gray hue with the tint that you would like for your bedroom. Gray is very calming and infusing it with an undertone of blue, green or purple creates a space with a soft, dreamy color conducive to rest and relaxation. If you want a saturated color to make a bold statement then do so by introducing the color on your focal wall and keep the other walls in the room in a soft neutral. This allows you to personalize your space without overwhelming it with color.

Color makes an impact in this bedroom but keeps the mood relaxing & inviting.
Color makes an impact in this bedroom but keeps the mood relaxing & inviting.

Luxury and comfort is introduced through the fabrics in a bedroom. We always recommend investing in quality fabrics for your duvet, bed linens and throws as the more comfortable they are, the more inviting the room will feel. Adding layers of fabric through drapery panels or window treatments is a great way not only to visually create a modern, well-designed space but also an opportunity to add personality, warmth and texture in a bedroom. If you look at any well designed room you will see how layers of fabric around the room make it feel cosier, warmer and more inviting. To add another layer of luxury through fabric, consider opting for a custom upholstered headboard with some great button detailing. This type of headboard is fabulous for relaxing against and makes a dramatic focal point in any bedroom.

Soft lavendar paired with crisp whites makes this room peaceful and beautiful.

Bedroom furniture makes a critical impact as well, on the overall feel of a room. While it’s not necessary for all the pieces to match however they should all relate to each other, style-wise.  Space planning is essential to creating a spacious and well designed bedroom. Purchasing furniture which is out of scale with the room – either too large or too small – can make any space feel unbalanced.

Lighting is often overlooked but is essential to setting the mood in any space. Overhead lighting is functional but is often harsh so it’s important to layer the lighting in a bedroom to soften the overall space. Adding lighting by the bed with either table lamps or wall sconces is ideal and if there is a reading nook or dressing area, they should each have their own lighting sources. Choosing stylish light fixtures also goes a long way to enhancing the overall feel of a room so again, we recommend investing in some beautiful fixtures which will add a complimentary design element to the space.

A wallpaper focal wall creates the ‘art’ in this room. All other elements are soft in contrast, making this an elegant and beautiful bedroom.

Once all the other elements are in place, layer in your accessories and signature touches. Modern decorating styles tend to be far more streamlined so add touches sparingly in order for each one to have dramatic impact. Whether it’s a gorgeous accent pillow or beautiful floral centerpiece on your dresser, by not overwhelming surfaces with accessories, you increase the impact each one has on the room. This is a great way to add those pops of color and pattern into a space and they are easily changed as trends and seasons shift.


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