Creating Spalicious Bathrooms

If kitchens are the hub of the home, bathrooms are our retreats. Not having enough bathrooms or trying to sell a home with dated bathrooms can make – or break – the sale of a home. It’s not always easy to update these spaces on a tight budget but in terms of priorities, here are some of the top trends in bathrooms that will add value to any home:

Tricked Out Shower – While jetted tubs are still important to most people, one of the top trends in bathrooms is the luxury shower with multiple shower heads. Who can argue with this? We love this trend and recommend keeping the lines of these showers simple and clean with frameless shower doors and sleek tiles.


Radiant Floor Heating – Keeping the feet warm pampers us and enhances that spa-like feeling. We highly recommend adding this feature if you are renovating your bathroom this spring!

Heated Towel Racks – Talk about a fabulous bathroom perk! There is nothing like getting out of the shower or tub and wrapping yourself in the warmth of a soft towel. This is definitely a must-have item!

Go Green – Choosing low flow or dual flush toilets is a high priority with a modern bathroom renovation. Environmental awareness has made ‘going green’ and choosing fixtures that are better for the environment a priority.

Loads of Lighting – Bathroom lighting is essential but what is new is all the layering of lighting that is being incorporated into many renovations. From unique wall sconces to chandeliers, it’s not just about popping a vanity light over the mirror anymore. Lighting adds an intrinsic layer of style to any space so these are fixtures that add warmth, personality and texture to any space.


Sleek, Streamlined Design – From floating vanities to wall mounted fixtures that allow more visible floor space, bathroom design is moving away from large clunky vanities that take up so much visual space. Color palettes are lighter as well with lots of whites, creams and grays being used to create sleek spa spaces.

Dynamic Pops of Color – Introducing color through mosaic tiled backsplashes or dramatic artwork is the key way designers are adding vibrancy and visual interest to bathrooms. From tiled focal walls to adding splashes of orange, blue and green – there are lots of ways to make your bathroom stand out.

Serene color palette from design seeds

Serene color palette from design seeds

Looking for more bathroom design tips? Contact us to get our top 2013 Bathroom Trends  or to book a design consultation.

This article is currently featured in the Kitchener Homes & Land Magazine available online and in magazine format. Look for your copy today!


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