Kitchener Home Staging FAQ

With home staging as an industry buzzword in real estate, it’s important to understand exactly what it is – and what it’s not. We often get asked many of the same types of questions so we thought we would shed a little light on the process.

What is Home Staging?

Simply put, home staging is the process of getting a house ready for sale. A professional stager will address important topics such as:

1. Everyday clutter and collections
2. Room function and furniture layout
3. Color
4. Smart upgrades that give the most ROI (return on investment)
5. Curb appeal and outdoor living spaces
6. Showcasing tips
7. Editing furniture to simplify spaces and create positive traffic flow

A professional home stager will not:

1. Recommend major renovations (unless the house has not been maintained and then this becomes a whole other issue)
2. Cover up issues with the home
3. Ignore maintenance issues that a home has – its our job to let our clients know that existing problems need to be taken care of and not left for the new home owners

Once we have addressed all these issues, we have then given our clients a customized PLAN to get their homes ready for sale. Now it’s all about executing that plan!


We understand that your home doesn’t start off looking like this – it takes a PLAN to get it into market-ready condition. Working with our team ensures you have property specific staging recommendations to best prepare your home for sale.


How much does Home Staging cost?

A home staging consultation will cost anywhere between $175 – $500 depending on where you live. In Kitchener-Waterloo you can expect the consultation fee to be between $175 – $250 + HST. And no, in case you are wondering, consultations are not free. Many people ask this but as we give our clients incredibly detailed recommendations that can potentially help them sell far more quickly than they would have without our help – this information is worth the fee. Not to mention that. Our staged properties sell for what they are worth.

After the consultation, pricing can vary depending on what level of service the client decides they need. If they decide they want to implement the PLAN themselves then its only their time and small project investment they need to be concerned about.

If a client would like the stager to take care of any part of the PLAN then the stager would customize a quote according to what needs to be done. It may just be an hourly fee for the stager to assist the home owner in packing things away or moving their own furnishings from room to room. If a client would like to rent furnishings, most staging packages start at about $600 and go up from there.


The bottom line is that in order to maximize your investment a seller WILL need to invest both time and money to get their home looking its best. Sites such as HomeGain recommend investing between 1 – 2% of the value of the home to get it ready for sale and we think its a good guideline to follow. Not every home needs that much of an investment and some homes need significantly more.

Can a Home Stager give me a quote over the phone or via email?

The short answer here is no, they can’t. Why? Because every home is different and presents unique challenges. What may work in one home may not work in another. A home stager needs to see the property to assess it before they can decide what it needs and come up with both a plan and a quote for the home owner.

That being said, some stagers offer pricing sight unseen. Be wary of this unless its a question of the average cost to furnish a room in a vacant home. We do provide basic pricing for empty homes over the phone but they are only a starting point and based on the size, style and marketing plan for your property – this pricing is only a starting point.  Ideally, you want a plan and a quote based upon your home’s current condition, not a guesstimate that probably isn’t close to being accurate.

What Resources will a Home Stager have?

A professional home stager will have a multitude of resources at their fingertips. An established stager normally has an inventory of home decor accessories, artwork, furniture and more that they make available for rent to add the WOW factor to homes

Additionally, a pro stager will also have a network of professionals such as painters, contractors, landscapers, cleaners, movers and more that clients can take advantage of when they decide to work with the stager.

Beyond that, an experienced home stager will also have established relationships with local retailers. This means they can pass along discounts on everything from paint to flooring and more to their clients. For home owners, this can take some of the confusion out of any project and make the investment more reasonable.

Will I be able to live in my home after it is Staged?

Yes, however your home may not be the same comfortable place you are used to. Being flexible and patient while your house is up for sale is vital as its important to keep the house looking its best until it has been officially sold. Expect to have to put things away you wouldn’t normally and you may not be able to keep your favourite BarcaLounger chair if it doesn’t fit with the overall presentation of the room. These are all small things to have to deal with when compared to the goal of selling fast and for the most money possible.

Keeping the property in staged condition is a very important part of the process. Short term pain for long term gain!
Keeping the property in staged condition is a very important part of the process. Short term pain for long term gain!

If you aren’t prepared to do what it takes to sell your home then you may not be ready for the process. How homes are sold has changed dramatically in the last five to ten years with young, savvy buyers dictating what features and upgrades they expect to have in their next property.

Are Home Stagers all the same?

Of course not! When it comes time to select a staging professional to work with, home owners need to pay attention to the following:

1. Training and experience
2. Portfolio
3. Talent
4. Customer service and people skills
5. Inventory and resources

In our estimation, and like with everything else of value – you get what you pay for. You are entrusting your single biggest asset into the hands of this professional. What he or she tells WILL impact the sale of your home so it is important to choose wisely. Pick the professional who has a wealth of expertise, experience, good people skills and who has undeniable talent. If you choose simply based upon cost, you may end up regretting that decision.

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Did we answer all your questions? We hope so, but if not please simply contact us! As Kitchener-Waterloo’s premier Home Staging Company, we can provide the information and resources to turn your home from staged to SOLD!

Rooms in Bloom Home Staging & Design Inc. is an award winning home staging company based out of the Waterloo Region. We specialize in staging vacant properties and builder model homes. To view our portfolio or learn more about the services we offer, please visit our website. To keep up with our projects, become our fan on our Facebook Business page. To contact us directly, call us at (519) 804-STAGE.

Selling your home? Book a consultation with our team now!

Kitchener-Waterloo's Premier Home Staging Provider
Kitchener-Waterloo’s Premier Home Staging Provider

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  1. I’m a firm believer that staging pays for itself and more. The look and feel of a space is everything to a potential buyer, and staging can bring out the space has to offer, making it more appealing to the buyer.


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