Top 10 Home Remodeling Projects

Looking for some great projects in your home this year and still want to keep your property’s resale value in mind? Check out the cool infographic below which shows the top ten remodeling projects which will now give you the highest rate of return on your investment.


You don’t necessarily have to do all of these to improve your home’s resale value but if you are thinking of selling in the near future, these are great places to start. As stagers, we tend to re-use items more than we replace them so we can keep renovations cost-effective with greatest return. If elements of a home are not salvageable or are hopelessly outdated then replacing them with something that has the modern appeal buyers are looking for makes financial sense.

A professional stager will customize a PLAN for your home so that it stands out from it's competition!
A professional stager will customize a PLAN for your home so that it stands out from its competition!

If you aren’t sure what projects need to take priority then we recommend consulting with a professional home stager before you start. We can help you identify any problem areas in your home and give you a PLAN to update them within your time frame. Sometimes that is as little as a few weeks and sometimes people contact us a year before they want to sell. Bottom line is if you want to get the best return on your investment, talk to a pro stager who keeps abreast of current trends in both design and real estate. Many home owners know they have to do something to update their home but are at a loss for where to start or how much money they should budget for renovations. There are many people who can be used as a resource such as savvy realtors who know your area, pro stagers who can prioritize the renovations that need to be done before selling and experienced tradesmen who can aid in getting the renovations done.

36 Kitchen - Dinette

Have more questions? Contact us! We are Kitchener-Waterloo’s premier Home Staging Company with the experience, design talent and resources to get your home looking its best!

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  1. Home Staging can work with your budget,timing and projects that bring out the BEST in your home.


  2. No surprise about the windows and door. Better security and energy savings.


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