Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2016: Color of the Year

Benjamin Moore has just announced their color of the year for 2016 and it’s classic Simply White (OC-117). This is a shift from previous years but it definitely stays on trend with what we have seen in terms of finishes and fixtures that are important in both design and home staging. See the video announcing the 2016 Color Trends below:

White is an important color when it comes to both home staging and interior design. It’s such a clean, bright hue and a classic neutral that we use both when staging to sell or decorating to dwell. It has a positive impact on people making it the #1 color for kitchens & bathrooms. Whites are also key hues that we use to lighten and brighten spaces so that they have broad appeal. White doesn’t mean dull or boring – not with the wide range of whites available to us – and based on your style they can be everything from modern to traditional, warm or cool, soft and embracing or fresh and crisp.

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White continues to be one of the top choices for finishes and fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms.
Using white makes other colors stand out in crisp contrast and keeps designs fresh.
Using white makes other colors stand out in crisp contrast and keeps designs fresh.

We love the use of white in the following ways:

  • To dial-up contrast in a space by adding white to contrast dark finishes or furniture – this is a great way to add balance and brightness in any space
  • White cabinetry in either kitchens or bathrooms for a clean, classic aesthetic. You can make spaces either more contemporary or traditional with cabinet door & hardware styles but white remains a classic, constant that is always on trend
  • Creating white on white designs and layering in interest with different textures, fabrics and decor elements
  • Using the newly designed white appliances which are a shift away from stainless steel that we have used for so many years
  • Creating a vintage or farmhouse chic look by mixing shades of white in either finishes or furniture with natural wood tones (Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper does this VERY well)
  • Painting furniture pieces white to give them a classic, timeless appeal
  • Adding architectural features like paneled walls or wainscoting to add visual interest and character to any space

We are very excited about this color of the year and are looking forward to using it every chance we get. What are your favourite ways to incorporate white into your home?

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