2017 Design Trends that will Impact Home Sellers

It’s the start of a new year and already we can see a lot of new design trends being announced – from paint colors to materials to how spaces are being used in homes it seems we are shifting away from some of the tried and true trends that have been prevalent over the past few years.

When it comes to home selling though, it’s important to look at these trends and keep in mind that they are just that – trends. Trends can quickly rise and fall in popularity so if you are considering renovating or refreshing your home before you sell it, we always caution making the home too trendy. Remember that updating & staging your home to sell has completely different goals than decorating your home to live in. The former needs to have broad appeal with a real estate marketing focus while the latter is really about tailoring the house to fit your unique needs and style.

Based on our expertise, we are listing the trends that you should pay attention to if you are getting your house prepped to sell:

Warm Neutrals are In

While we don’t expect grey hues to leave anytime soon, the trend now is to warm them up. This adds richness to walls and makes spaces look more cozy and inviting over previous shades of grey which tended to make rooms look like showrooms. If you look at Sherwin Williams 2017 color of the year, you will see exactly what we mean. This still keeps your walls neutral – which is important because we are still thinking broad appeal – but it follows what people are looking for when it comes to the appearance of their next home.

Sherwin Williams 2017 Color of Year: Poised Taupe
Sherwin Williams 2017 Color of Year: Poised Taupe

Quartz is King

We will be honest, when it comes to replacing countertops quartz has always been one of our top picks. From both a functionality and aesthetic standpoint, quartz is one of the best materials out there. Trend-wise however, it is rapidly taking over against marble & granite which have been very popular in years past. If you are updating your kitchen or bathroom, adding quartz countertops is a great way to add value and tangible appeal to these key selling spaces.

Quartz is both a functional - and beautiful - choice for countertops.
Quartz is both a functional – and beautiful – choice for countertops.

Bold Color Hues Dominate

If you look at other paint color trends like Benjamin Moore, you can see that bolder and richer colors are trending. While we love the look of these dramatic hues, they aren’t normally what we would recommend if you are selling your home. Creating a focal wall in one space might be a great way to introduce some personality – we love navy – but we recommend keeping these bold colors contained to decorative items like drapery panels, accent pillows and decor items. You can still stay on trend, but you won’t overwhelm your buyers with too much color and personality.

Bold accent colors are popular and great ways to add visual interest to any space.
Bold accent colors are popular and great ways to add visual interest to any space.

Hardwood Floors still a Selling Feature

Hardwood floors haven’t decreased in popularity but the stain has changed over the past few years. Gone is the demand for super dark floors – they are a pain to keep clean – and now we are seeing a lot of richer walnut stained hardwood replacing them. The walnut stain still creates a great contrast against wall hue and furnishings, but by lightening up the stain people are saying they are much more livable. Another popular choice are grey hued hardwood floors which co-ordinate so well with modern design trends.

Hardwood floors add value and appeal to spaces.
Hardwood floors add value and appeal to spaces.

Now if you are remodeling and have the option to make some key changes to a home’s layout, here are some interesting changes that are on the rise:

Cozier and Less Open Floorplans on the Rise

An open floor plan has dominated home design for a number of years now. Shows on HGTV with designers ripping out walls and opening up spaces have been wildly popular but home design trends are shifting as people are seeking cozier, more defined spaces. Open plan living sounds great – and don’t get us wrong, we aren’t going back to the small boxy house design – but having some separation between spaces is beneficial for everyday living. This way if your kids don’t put away their toys or if the office is cluttered and messy, it’s not all on display all the time. We recommend thinking about how you want to use the different spaces, and recognizing how you live so that you end up with a home that you love and can relax in.

Farmhouse Style is Popular

With the influence of HGTV’s Fixer Upper we are seeing the modern farmhouse style becoming more and more mainstream. While this style isn’t great for every type of house, elements of this style can be introduced very easily into homes where all you have are builder basic finishes and fixtures. We love the warmth of this style and the way it blends our favorite modern design elements with rustic fixtures and furnishings. Even though certain experts are predicting we will see the end of shiplap – oh no! – and interior sliding barn doors, we don’t think they will be phased out very soon. As with everything, keep design elements balanced and cohesive when you are redesigning your home to live in. This way you will be happy with the style of your home for many years.

Healthier Homes in Demand

People are very savvy when it comes to environmental concerns and we see this affecting home design and decorating. From the different systems that run silently in a home – water, HVAC, air – to elements that are on display – paint, flooring and even furnishings – people are looking for the safest, cleanest choices out there. Environmental conservation is also important, so fixtures that will help reduce a home’s foot print and save on energy bills will definitely make a property more valuable. Using man-made or renewable materials is very on trend right now which is why materials like quartz and cork are popular. By taking care with your choices, you can make sure that not only does your home look great and save you money on utility bills, but that it’s environmentally friendly too.

We see this as an exciting year for both prepping homes to sell and designing them to live in. Before you start either process, we highly recommend consulting with a professional stager or interior decorator so that you get expert guidance and recommendations to fit your needs.

Rooms in Bloom Home Staging & Design Inc. is the Waterloo Region’s leading experts in staging homes for sale. From comprehensive consultations to complete staging solutions, our team of expert consultants are skilled at creating stunning spaces that buyers fall in love with. For more information on our services, or to view our portfolio, visit our website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. To book a consultation, call our office at (519) 804-STAGE.

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