What Emotions Does Your Home Evoke?

Selling your home is an emotional journey for homeowners however it’s equally emotional for buyers. In fact, the number one reason buyers purchase a property is because of the emotion it evokes in them when they tour the right home. Buyers may shop with both logical and financial considerations but when they find the house which touches their heart strings, they will often make concessions on both their list of ‘must have’ items as well as on the price point in order to purchase their dream property.

Evoking the right emotions in your buyers is a cornerstone of the staging process. When we stage a home, we understand who the most likely buyers are going to be, what kind of upgrades and design style they respond to best and we work it into the overall staging plan. It’s called lifestyle staging and it goes beyond de-cluttering and moving furniture around. The deeper meaning behind doing this is that this kind of staging – when done correctly – evokes a tangible emotional response from buyers who are then able to envision themselves living in the property. Our tagline is capture the heart and the mind will follow and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to staging a home for sale.

Strathcona LR 2
When a home evokes positive emotions in your home buyers, that ensures they start visualizing themselves living there.

We often experience a multitude of emotions when either looking homes up online or previewing them in person.  Your buyers experience these feelings too so which emotions are your buyers feeling when they preview your property?

Sadness: These emotions are often created by dated or vacant properties as they tell a story of days gone past or neglect which doesn’t sell buyers on the potential of the property.  Wallpaper, dated fixtures and finishes all evoke a strong emotion in buyers but it’s not the happy one that brings in offers!

When a home is dated or very personally decorated, it can evoke negative or sad feelings in buyers.
Transforming spaces, making them more marketable & appealing is a vital step that professional home stagers help with to ensure all buyers have a positive experience in the home.

Coldness or Sterility: These impressions are often created in vacant homes where there are no furnishings to distract from an endless array of rooms with no personality. Alterntatively, buyers get this feeling in a home that has been de-cluttered past the point of no return so that there is no warmth or anything visually interesting in any of the rooms.  Even if it’s a luxury home with a ton of upgrades, a buyer can still feel emotionally disconnected from the home when there is nothing emotionally tangible to draw them in.

Disgust or worse: Yikes! Definitely want to avoid these feelings as they can make buyers simply turn around and leave. Neglect, poor cleanliness standards, DIY projects gone wrong or worse can create these emotions. Make sure your home is well maintained and presented to avoid these types of reactions.

Empty or vacant homes typically foster feelings of coldness as without furnishings, rooms fail to foster warmth & appeal for home buyers.
Layers of texture, the right balance of furnishings all combine to make spaces appealing & desirable for home buyers. It’s always worth it to stage an empty or vacant home for these very reasons!

Here are the emotions you do want to foster:

Love, joy and excitement: Nothing sells a home faster than the combination of these powerful emotions. From a buyer’s excitement when they view the photos of the home online to a property visit where they can see themselves living in a home, feel the warmth and welcome that has been created through careful staging and get tingly at the idea of owning this property and the life it represents – this is staging and very effective real estate marketing at work for YOU. The results? A SOLD sign in the front yard and a great selling experience.

RIB Marketing Pic BEvery home tells a story and evokes an emotional response. We often tell our clients that they have full control over the stories they want their homes to tell and the emotions they want to foster in their buyers. So take that control when you are selling your home and work with a professional stager so buyers can see, taste, feel and imagine their new lives in your home.

Rooms in Bloom Home Staging & Design Inc. is Kitchener-Waterloo’s premier Home Staging Company. Specializing in staging vacant properties and builder’s Model Homes, we make it easy for buyers to fall in love with your home! Put our expertise and talent to work for your property and get the Rooms in Bloom Advantage! For more information about our services or to book a consultation, visit our website. To keep up with our projects, become our fan on our Facebook Fan Page! Want to talk to our team directly? Call us at (519) 804-STAGE.



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