The Role of Romance in Real Estate

When people think about romance, they often symbolically link it to dating and to the feelings they have when they are involved with a special person. They think about flowers, fancy meals, romantic moments alone and so much more. But romance isn’t just for people – it’s for real estate as well because the home buying process is an emotional one and the reasons why people buy are fueled by positive emotions. Home sellers who want a successful sale are paying attention to all the nuances of good property presentation in order to evoke a positive response in their target buyers. Just the way someone would get dressed up for a date or romantic interlude, sellers are setting the stage for romance in their homes.


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In real estate, just like dating, romance and emotions play a huge part in the process. Often buyers shop with logic but buy based on emotion. 


In real estate, emotions play a critical role in buying or selling. While its true that most people will search for a home based on a set of criteria, if they find a property that tugs on their heart strings then they will compromise on their ‘must-haves’ to buy the property they love. If they can see themselves and their family living in the home and if it showcases a life they aspire to have, then they will buy it based on the emotion the house evokes in them regardless of whether or not it meets their needs. If you think about it, it makes sense. A home is probably the single biggest purchase most people will make so how it feels to them and the life they can see themselves living in it are powerful motivators.

This is true of almost any purchase – major or minor. If a product evokes positive feelings then people are much more likely to buy it. If a person we are dating is attractive and makes us feel good, we want to be in a relationship with them. We ascribe a lot of power to our feelings and when something feels right and we connect with a person, place or thing then we want to form a long lasting connection with it.


If you found this photo on a dating site, would you want to get to know this property better? Buyers are shopping online first so presentation matters. If this is their first impression, you can imagine they won’t be interested in a long term commitment!


While realtors can be likened to match makers in the real estate process, our job as home stagers is similar to that of a marketing guru or image consultant. We critically assess homes and recommend changes not just to add value – but to evoke emotion. We want buyers to like the home online (a first date!) and then visit the house (second date!) and then put in an offer (woohoo marriage!) because it means that they connected with the home on an emotional level. At the core, romance is about emotion and most home purchases are based on how people feel about a house. Phrases like ‘it feels like home’ or ‘I can see us living here’ are powerful statements and they intimate that someone has made a real connection with the property. It happens with dating all the time when people say ‘he or she just feels like they were meant for me’. Positive emotions are key to a successful date and romance for any couple or home purchase.


The transformation of the home (see above) gives this house a completely different look! Investing in updates and staging added significant value but also ensured this property got a ton of buyer interest and offers!


To create that emotional connection and foster an amazing connection between prospective buyers and listed properties, what elements are important? Well like any great date, it all starts with a strong first impression. What do you do to get ready for a date! Lots of primping & pampering to present the best possible version of yourself – right? Well it’s no different for your home! And your home should reflect the same level of care and attention that you would pay to yourself when getting ready for an important date.

Selling successfully relies heavily on a home’s presentation. And when we say presentation, we aren’t referring to sprinkling rose petals in the bathroom or placing trays on beds with faux flowers or food. No – those obvious staging ploys don’t sell buyers on what is most important about the home. They don’t foster the kind of long lasting emotions you need in order for buyers to remember the house hours, or even days later. Yes, clean & tidy is important but if the house lacks all the necessary furnishings or decorative elements that improve it’s marketability then buyers will ignore it online (where they shop first) and have a hard time connecting emotionally with it when or if they visit the house in person.


Imported Photos 00031
Make it memorable so that buyers remember your property hours – and even days later!


It may not sound sexy to talk about things like decluttering, organizing closets & storage or painting the living room but then neither is shaving your legs or working out to ensure you have an attractive appearance. Yet these steps are important to the home selling – or dating – process because clutter is not sexy and clashing colors can kill the mood when buyers visit a home. People are inherently visual and when 9 out of 10 people can’t see beyond what they are presented with, the impact of a home’s presentation becomes all that much more critical to the real estate process.


Beyond the preparation steps for a great date, there are always the polishing touches. For you it might mean that sexy black dress with jewelry that sparkles and make-up which highlights your eyes. If you consulted with an image consultant, they would help you make the most of your best attributes so that you stand the best possible chance of attracting a potential partner and set the stage for long term romance. A property stager does the same for your home. Whether it’s dating or real estate, details & presentation matter. So when we talk about how to evoke emotions in buyers, professional stagers focus on:
• cohesive color palettes
• layers of texture on beds or sofas
• pops of colors and carefully chosen décor
• different levels of lighting to create warm & inviting spaces
• the right balance of furniture in a room, in a layout which complements the space and optimizes room flow


bp c vignette 1
When selling a home, details matter. Buyers are heavily influenced by colors, textures and all those details which give a property that model home feel. Invest in staging to ensure your home is the one they fall in love with!



As the professional property stylists, we understand just how important emotions are to a successful sale. Our goal is always to ensure the homes we stage hit all the right emotional notes with home buyers so that they fall in love and want to buy it. Our job is to consider all aspects of the property in order to sell the lifestyle and foster a long term commitment between the home buyer and the house.

Looking for more information about home staging in the Kitchener-Waterloo area? Contact our multi award-winning team to get more information on our services and learn about how we can make your property stand out. From consultations to complete staging solutions, we are the #1 home staging company in the Tri-Cities area for a reason. Contact us today at (519) 804-STAGE (7824) or book a consultation online!

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