The Art of Creating Cozy Spaces that Sell

Home staging is an effective marketing tool for home owners who want to make their properties as sellable as possible. One of the trends we have seen emerge is that of layering in texture to spaces, to help make them more inviting & cozy. In years past, home staging practices were often to make rooms look very basic & bare but trends show that layering in texture can be key to better selling the lifestyle that the property offers.

cozy staged living room
Layers of texture and color make this space both inviting and cozy for home buyers. Its all about marketing and selling the lifestyle!

Women especially, are heavily influenced by texture in a home. They tend to connect better to spaces with upholstered chairs, layers of accent pillows, soft rugs & strategically placed soft decor. This is important because statistically, it’s women who shop online the most for their next home and it is women who often cast the deciding vote on whether to buy a home or not. Creating cozy spaces is key to improving a home’s overall appeal & marketability.

Based on this here, are a few tips to make your rooms more cozy & sellable:

  • Using a defined color palette (like in the image above) use upholstered furniture and layer in accent pillows & throws on the seating areas
  • Use neutral area rugs to define sitting areas and visually connect all the furniture together
  • Add ottomans and/or textured baskets to fill spaces & make rooms look more finished and inviting
  • Add a little greenery & wood to infuse warmth and natural elements into your space
  • Use a dark paint color for a focal wall (we love navy) to add warmth & richness to a space
  • Balance out dark colors with equally light hues and pops of metallics to create drama and make spaces memorable

It’s easy to go overboard with adding TOO many things into a space. Cozy doesn’t mean cluttered. Remember, we want to highlight both the lifestyle AND the home so too much furniture, too much pattern or too much stuff can make rooms look small and distract from architectural features. This is an art, so we always recommend hiring a professional – like our team – to help you achieve just the right balance in your home!

staged dining room
Rich colors like the navy paint color used here help to infuse warmth and richness into this space. This kind of backdrop makes all the other furnishings & polishing details take center stage.

To book a consultation with our team, just visit our website to get started. It’s that simple!

Rooms in Bloom Home Staging is Kitchener-Waterloo’s premier home staging company with over a decade of experience in staging homes in the Waterloo Region. From comprehensive consultations to complete staging solutions, we can help you make your property both highly sellable and marketable. Contact our office today at (519) 804-STAGE or visit our website to learn more about our services and the staging designs our team has created. We make it easy for buyers to fall in love with your home!


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