The Art of Creating Cozy Spaces that Sell

The Art of Creating Cozy Spaces that Sell

Home staging is an effective marketing tool for home owners who want to make their properties as sellable as possible. One of the trends we have seen emerge is that of layering in texture to spaces, to help make them more inviting & cozy. In years past, home staging practices were often to make rooms [...]


Getting Top Dollar for Your Home with Home Staging

Regardless of whether you call it home staging or home fluffing; the goal is the same - to get your home sold quickly and for top dollar. There is an abundance of articles and information which will tell you how to go about staging your home. These articles however, while they tell you the basics [...]

What Do Your Online Photos Say About Your Kitchener Home?

How homes are bought and sold these days has irrevocably changed. With so much technology at our fingertips, over 95% of buyers are shopping for homes on their smartphones or tablets before they even contact a realtor. We have dubbed this speed dating for houses because sellers have literally seconds to impress potential buyers before they click on [...]

Why RESA? How the Real Estate Staging Association is different from other Associations

Another great post from Melissa Marro on why RESA is different from other home staging assocations. It's important for home stagers to understand the distinctions between the associations and benefit from all the benefits and opportunities RESA offers. Via Melissa Marro (First Impressions):  Today I sat in the Home Matters office after teaching a segment [...]

Home Staging isn’t about Cute Gimmicks

Home staging is a proven method of preparing a home for sale. Professional home stagers showcase a home's architectural features and focal areas while at the same time, downplaying a home's weaknesses. Home staging is all about adding 'WOW' to a property so that the house stands out and is memorable for buyers in a [...]