The Art of Creating Cozy Spaces that Sell

Home staging is an effective marketing tool for home owners who want to make their properties as sellable as possible. One of the trends we have seen emerge is that of layering in texture to spaces, to help make them more inviting & cozy. In years past, home staging practices were often to make rooms…

The Role of Romance in Real Estate

Selling a home is an emotional process. Cue the right emotions in your buyers by staging for success!

Pros and Cons of Realtors who Pay for Home Staging

Home staging is a real estate buzzword and one of the top marketing tools that real estate agents use to help their properties sell quickly and for the most money possible. According to NAR (National Association for Realtors) or the Real Estate Staging Association, home staging not only helps homes sell more quickly but it…

What Emotions Does Your Home Evoke?

Buying a home is an emotional experience for most home buyers. Creating spaces that appeal to all their senses takes a house from for sale to SOLD!

2017 Design Trends that will Impact Home Sellers

It’s the start of a new year and already we can see a lot of new design trends being announced – from paint colors to materials to how spaces are being used in homes it seems we are shifting away from some of the tried and true trends that have been prevalent over the past…